Lista Para Evaluar La Creatividad Publicitaria

octubre 27, 2021

Lista Para Evaluar La Creatividad Publicitaria

Once puntos que usaba, o sigue usando, la agencia FCB, para evaluar internamente las ideas publicitarias.
Extracto del libro” Strategy & Planning Scrapbook”, escrito por Alex Morrison.

Checklist for evaluating creative 

1. Come prepared

2. Expect to be surprised maybe even made a little nervous 

3. React to the idea as a whole

4. Add what’s important and incremental 

5. Make sure it’s on strategy, not on checklist

6. If it doesn´t connect emotionally, it doesn’t connect 

7. Remember what the work is trying to accomplish

8. Don’t just talk about what’s not working for you

9. See problems? Don’t offer solutions, explain the problem 

10. Remember you don’t have to find something wrong

11. A creative idea needs creative direction not group consensus 

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